The Positive Birth Course

What you will learn

The Positive Birth course is designed for couples who might be restricted by time or budget.

While still providing you with a set of valuable tools and information to prepare you for a positive and empowering birth experience, this course is not as comprehensive as the full hypnobirthing course.

It includes:

  • 6 MP3 audio tracks, a number of handouts and additional information

Tuition topics:

  • Fear and how it affects us – understanding the autonomic nervous system
  • The Mind Body connection – learning about the Laws of the Mind and how they affect our day to day life plus our journey through birth
  • The power of Hypnosis and hypnotherapy – what exactly is it? How can you use it in your life?
  • Breathing techniques for relaxation and for maximising your comfort during labour
  • Progressive Relaxation
  • Fear Release – a very powerful exercise to release all doubts, concerns, worries, fears around this time in your life
  • Positive Birth preparation – hypnotherapy script to prepare you for a positive birth experience
  • Labour simulation exercise – practical use of your tools in labour
  • The three steps to a positive birth experience and how to use your tools and techniques in your labour and birth
  • Membership to the Positive Births Facebook Tribe

 This course is held over 3 sessions each of 2 hours – a total of 6 hours. All courses are online  and you have a choice of “live” or “recorded.
Your investment: $195 per couple



Hypnosis Birth


“The live hypnosis sessions were always powerful. 
The sessions worked really well over Zoom.
Helen was careful to ask if we could hear okay, and made sure things were running smoothly. She involved people by name. We felt that Zoom worked better for us than face-to-face, because we were in the comfort of our own home.
Helen also used inclusive language so we never felt left out as a same-sex couple.
This was really appreciated.”

Sue and Julia 

“I was impressed at how balanced the course was. I had reservations that there would be really strong views on the”right” way to birth but the approach of Helen and the group was very open and accepting. I also loved the variation of audio tracks provided. We really enjoyed the classes.

It was actually great not having to leave the house! “


When should I start?

The best time to begin your classes is NOW! If you are past 15 weeks into your pregnancy then it is never too early to start. Likewise, it’s also never too late. And it’s certainly better late than never. If you are beyond 35 weeks, you will still find the course very valuable, as long as you complete it prior to going into labour. Talk to Helen about private sessions if you’re in the last few weeks of your pregnancy.

Why should I start now?

There are huge benefits in practising relaxation for both mother and baby. Fear is the enemy of the birthing room and when the body is relaxed, the firing of neuropeptides in the brain are slowed, therefore pain is lessened and often non-existant. Babies exposed to the relaxation hormones from their mother during pregnancy are also far more likely to be calmer, more content and are better at sleeping and feeding. Practising relaxation in your pregnancy is truly a win-win situation. Therefore the earlier you start, the better for both mother and baby.

Why is Relaxation Important?

The body and mind work at their optimum when relaxed and free of tension. When having your baby using HypnoBirthing® techniques, what you will experience is similar to the daydreaming or focusing that occurs when you are engrossed in a book or starting at a fire. You will be conversant and in good spirits – totally relaxed, but fully in control. You will be aware of your body’s contractions, but will be able to determine the extent to which you feel the surge. You will experience your birthing in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, without the fear and tension that cause pain. Your body’s natural anaesthesia (endorphins) will replace the stress hormones that cause pain. When it is time for your baby to be born, you will be fully awake and involved.

Positive Births

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