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What will your birth story be like?

Are you terrified, anxious or even just a bit nervous about giving birth?

Have you heard too many horror stories?

Do you worry that you’re not going to know what to do to cope?

Do you want to feel in control?

Are you having thoughts like : “how am I actually going to get baby out”??

This course is the best place to be if you want expert guidance and  hypnobirthing tools right NOW –
at your own pace –
from your own place

“Hypnobirthing helped me to have the birth I’d dreamed of. The whole process was beneficial for my pregnancy and the birth itself was amazing. I definitely recommend Hypnobirthing and Helen to every pregnant woman. I am so happy about my birth and love thinking back on it.” 


This course will help you to:


Increase your confidence, so you feel in charge of your birth

Find your sense of calm, control and ability to flow with whatever situations arise

Release any doubts and fears, so that your birth progresses smoothly

Learn how to work WITH your body to make birth easier and faster

Enjoy a more comfortable and positive birth experience

“The information made sense.  If I hadn’t done this course I wouldn’t have found the techniques anywhere else, and I wouldn’t have known what to do. What I learned took away a lot of the unknown.”


You Receive:


4.5 hours of expert tuition which includes


How to understand the mind – body connection and use it to your advantage

How to use and benefit from hypnosis in your pregnancy and birth (& life beyond)

3 types of breathing techniques (value $95)

Relaxation, anchoring and NLP tools (value $195)

Fear release – an amazing exercise to become free of doubts, concerns, worries and fears (value $150)

Guidance for both you and your partner on HOW to use these tools for birth (value $95)

PDFs and 10 audio tracks (value $250)

Value $785
Your investment is $195 for lifetime access to the course

My birth was the BEST day of my life!

I used the positive affirmations all round the house. Leading up to my birth I listened to your tracks most nights. I used the visualisations and the breathing was amazing. Soft calm music and essential oils also played a big part.”


Without hypnobirthing my birth would have looked a lot different. I 100% recommend it. It’s the best investment no matter what your birth plan looks like.


NOW is the time to take control of your birth story

NOW is the time to learn how you can enjoy a calm, confident and relaxed birth

NOW is the time to become free of your fears around birth


Purchase the “Birth with Calm and Confidence” online course in the month of June and you will receive a FREE copy of the Positive Birth in NZ book!*

Value $39

*Valid only for those residing in New Zealand, book posted to you anywhere in New Zealand

“I am almost done reading your book and I am LOVING it. I cry happy tears during every birth story that I read and am so excited to meet my baby.”


“My midwife recommended your book to me – just wanted to say thankyou – it is such a wonderful book and has me feeling excited and prepared to bring my little man into the world xx.”


Why do the course with Helen?

  • There’s no other hypnobirthing teacher in NZ who has consistently taught for over 15 years, and to thousands

  • Not every teacher has personally experienced using the program in their births, has hypnotherapy qualifications AND has created their own program complete with published book

  • Helen also trains others to teach the program AND still has an undeniable love for sharing and guiding parents on their birth journey.

I want to inspire you to find the confidence and calm that you have WITHIN you. To support and guide you on your journey with practical tools and techniques that WILL make a positive impance on your experience.

Helen Bartrom, owner of Positive Births NZ

Helen’s genuine and warm aura underpins everything she teaches which makes the whole experience easy and enjoyable to connect with – it feels safe and comfortable, which can be hard to achieve when the topic could be viewed as quite a ‘scary’ one.


If you’re pregnant, NOW is the time to start your positive birth journey

your baby only has one birth and you have the ability to help make it the best one possible

I look forward to sharing this amazing program with you

Got some questions? Or would you like to chat to Helen?

Frequently asked questions

When should I start the course?:   

You  can  begin  the course at  any  time,  but  we  recommend  the  earlier the better (after 15  weeks).  Commencing  the  classes  earlier  in  your  pregnancy  will  give  you  time  to  practice  the  relaxation  and  to  enjoy  a  more  relaxed  pregnancy. 

Some pregnant mothers (and their partners too) report how the tools and techniques they have learnt in their pregnancy helped them to sleep better, feel better, feel more positive and less stressed during their pregnancy – and so you may as well benefit from this for as much of your pregnancy as you can.

It’s  also highly  beneficial  for  baby  for  you  to  spend  regular time  in  a  state  of  relaxation  during  your  pregnancy.  

Plus the more you practise the tools in your pregnancy the more embedded in your life they will be – therefore become super easy to access in labour and birth.

However,  it  is  never  too  late  to  start  –  you  will  still  find  the   classes  beneficial  and  valuable  as  long  as  you  complete  them  prior  to  going  into  labour.  Many  couples  have  started  the  course  late  in  their  pregnancy  (some  as  late  as  37  weeks)  and  have  still  found  it  very beneficial  –  all  agree  it  is  better  to  do  it  later  than  never.

Does my partner/husband/birth support person need to do the course with me?

This is up to each couple. YES there is plenty of content in the course that birth support people will benefit from and many of the tools are useful for day to day life situations (eg the breathing and relaxation). YES it is great if your partner can be on board with all the tools you want to use in your birth and how they can best suport you. This course is designed for couples to learn together, but there may be some modules you do individually and some together.

Would this course be useful for me to do even if I don’t have a vaginal birth or I need intervention (eg pain relief, induction)?

Most  definitely.  The  tools  and  techniques  you  will  learn  in  your  hypnobirthing  course  will  be  of  use  to  you  and  your  baby  regardless  of  your  birth  experience.  If  medical  intervention  is  required  you  will  find  yourself  better  able  to  remain  calm  and  in  control.  Mums  who  have  needed  caesareans  for  medical  reasons  report  that  they  were  totally  relaxed  before,  during  and  after  the  procedure  and  often feel  their  recovery  was  very  quick.

This course is for EVERY birth situation!


“Helen’s genuine and warm aura underpins everything she teaches which makes the whole experience easy and enjoyable to connect with – it feels safe and comfortable, which can be hard to achieve when the topic could be viewed as quite a ‘scary’ one.”


This course is the best way to prepare mind, body and soul for the arrival, birth and upbringing of a child. We enjoyed this well planned and executed course; the welcoming, sharing atmosphere facilitated by Helen and the feeling of a safe non-judgemental environment.
The knowledge we gained was relevant and applicable, these techniques are useful for life!” 

Kyra and Ben

“The birth itself was amazing, it was exciting and enjoyable. You can feel any discomfort float away with your breath and visualisation.
I definitely recommend HypnoBirthing and Helen to every pregnant woman. I am so happy about my birth and love thinking back on it.”


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