Online Recorded Hypnobirthing Courses 
do at your own pace, from your own place

Online Recorded Classes

 Online hypnobirthing classes are the perfect solution if you can’t make an ‘in person, live’ course – if you’re out of town, have other children or are just too busy working unusual hours!

If you’d prefer to do the course from the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace whenever you like through your pregnancy there are TWO types of Online Recorded Courses for you to choose from!

With lifetime access you can cover the content again and again if you need to during your pregnancy, ensuring you are truly in a positive mind set and have all the tools and techniques for the best birth experience.

Plus you’ll receive further information to support you on your journey, along with scripts to successfully practise the exercises, reading you can do, and a range of audio tracks for you to enjoy.

 See below for the two different options:

Thankyou for guiding me through the online course. I found it very informative, to the point and exactly what I was looking for. I am feeling excited for my birth!


the “Short & Sweet”

Online Course

The Short & Sweet course is designed for you to get the very basics of hypnobirthing – like a taste test. Ideal for those restricted by time or budget. Or if you are already feeling calm and comfortable about birth & just want a small amount of tools to use to help you have an even more positive birth experience.

This course includes: 9 videos totalling 74 minutes of tuition along with 6 downloadable audio tracks, downloadable images and further information for you to use.

Topics include:
Relaxation and Self- Hypnosis
How the muscles of the Uterus work
Breathing to Relax
Breathing to use in Labour
Anchor technique
Progressive Relaxation Technique
How to maximise your birth environment
How to use your tools in labour and birth


Your investment: $79

the “Birth with Calm and Confidence”
Online Course

The Birth with Calm and Confidence is the original course designed for couples to enjoy a range of tools and techniques to feel more comfortable, positive and empowered in their birth.

This course includes: 4.5 hours of online tuition along with 10 downloadable audio tracks, downloadable images and a range of handouts and scripts to use.

Topics include:
Understanding the Mind Body Connection and how to use it to your advantage
Your amazing Uterus
How to use self-hypnosis for labour and birth
Breathing to Relax
Breathing to use in Labour
Breathing to help birth your baby
How Fear affects the body in labour
Releasing Fear
Light touch technique
Anchors and deepening with script
Progressive Relaxation
How to enhance the birthing environment
A thought about Mindfulness
Getting into the right head space for labour
Questions to ask to ensure you’re making an informed decision
Early labour – how to use your tools
As labour progresses – how to use your tools
Meeting baby

Your investment: $195 

Check out The Positive Births NZ Podcast on Spotify to support your learning. With a huge range of positive birth stories you’ll be sure to find lots of inspiration!

Positive Birth Book

Positive Birth in New Zealand using Relaxation, Hypnobirthing and Mindfulness

A comprehensive guide for all Kiwis preparing for a relaxed, empowered and positive birth experience.

In 271 pages we discuss everything you need to prepare for a positive birth experience. We talk about everything from mindset to energy frequency, hormones to breathwork, visualisation to mindfulness, prenatal psychology and so much more! How to ask the right questions, make informed decision and flow with the twists and turns that can occur in pregnancy and birth.

Plus included for you are 26 birth stories from mums who’ve used these tools in their own births and 5 downloadable audio tracks to practise with.

Your investment is $35 including postage in New Zealand

Please note the book is not included in the  online courses. It is recommended as additional reading, but not required to successfully benefit from the online recorded courses. To purchase a copy of the book please  click here 


“Thankyou Helen for being so passionate about HypnoBirthing and for being such a great teacher. I am so glad this course was recommended to me. My fiance found the classes to be a great way to unwind and he has learnt a great deal – he has also seen the huge difference it has made to me mentally.
We both now have a more positive outlook on pregnancy, birth and life!”

Lucy and Matt

“We were impressed with Helen’s caring nature and the depth of knowledge she possessed. The fact she is a mother & has experience in both clinical and natural birth helped us relate and understand birthing as first time parents. Helen offered specific assistance when doubts reared their ugly head. 
We would recommend HypnoBirthing to anyone planning to have a family.”

Lisa and Neil

“We enjoyed the balance of discussion.  With my husband being more apprehensive than I towards this approach, he  mentioned how fair/honest discussions seemed to be, i.e. it was not wishy washy all one way, there was a good balance. I think this is really important as someone who is slightly more hesitant becomes more open to the idea when knowledge is presented well, openly and honestly.”



Positive Births

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