Online Classes

 If you’d prefer to do the course from the comfort and safety of your own home, yes there are two options for you!
the Online Live Course and  the Online Recorded Course

While I genuinely prefer to connect in person, sometimes this isn’t possible due to your location or circumstances.

To do the course in person means to connect on a mental, emotional and physical level with myself and with other parents in the same situation as you.

However, thanks to technology we can connect in person just as effectively online via Zoom.

I run regular classes over Zoom with couples keen to connect, share and enjoy the journey of Hypnobirthing together, as a group online. 

By doing this together online at a set time each week this will ensure your commitment. Because, by turning up at a set time and place to do the course, you are cementing your commitment to yourself and your baby to commit to doing the work to reap the rewards from it. (by the way the “work” is pretty easy – it usually involves closing your eyes and enjoying a wonderful relaxed state). And the more committed you are to this program the more you will benefit from it. It’s as simple as that.

I ask that you do the online class together as a couple for the “Couple experiences” – many many couples tell me that this is a really special time to spend together as a couple in the class. They turn up together, learn tools and techniques together, spend quality time together and together commit to a similar journey, the journey that will set them on the path of parenthood – together.  A lot of couples express their disappointment to me when the classes are over – they said it was a lovely way to spend together with each other. The danger of doing online classes that have been prerecorded – or do it at your own pace is that it’s just so easy to do it alone, and then try to catch your partner up at some stage…. But we all know just how busy we get…and how good intentions just can get waylaid by other plans.

Your investment is the same as a group class in person, with exactly the same content (actually it’s much prettier online because you get to see  all the gorgeous slides I have designed instead of just my face). You get the full benefit of my presence online, and ongoing support of myself and the group that you join. We organise a private facebook group for you to connect with the other couples on plus you will be invited to join my exclusive Facebook group The Positive Births Tribe.

I also offer a FREE extra one-on-one session with just you and me at a mutually convenient time so you can  have all your extra questions answered, have some personal coaching and feel super confident about your birth.

So where ever you are in New Zealand or the world, I’d love to connect with you over a Zoom chat.
Please contact me now to register your interest. Classes are scheduled by demand with a minimum of 4 couples and maximum of 10 couples joining.

There are two options online – the Positive Birth Course (for those with limited time and budget) and the full hypnobirthing course (12 hours).

I look forward to meeting you online!

For more information on the recorded course

HypnoBirthing Techniques

Helen became a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner in 2007. Since then she has shared the program with hundreds and hundreds of couples throughout Auckland and NZ. As well as loving her job, she feels privileged to help to create a positive difference to such an important life event.

Along with teaching the HypnoBirthing program, Helen is a clinical hypnotherapist who is continually expanding her knowledge and education in Mind-Body and metaphysical medicine and experience with energy healing. You can seek more information about her hypnotherapy practice at


“Thankyou Helen for being so passionate about HypnoBirthing and for being such a great teacher. I am so glad this course was recommended to me. My fiance found the classes to be a great way to unwind and he has learnt a great deal – he has also seen the huge difference it has made to me mentally.
We both now have a more positive outlook on pregnancy, birth and life!”

Lucy and Matt

“We were impressed with Helen’s caring nature and the depth of knowledge she possessed. The fact she is a mother & has experience in both clinical and natural birth helped us relate and understand birthing as first time parents. Helen offered specific assistance when doubts reared their ugly head. 
We would recommend HypnoBirthing to anyone planning to have a family.”

Lisa and Neil

“We enjoyed the balance of discussion.  With my husband being more apprehensive than I towards this approach, he  mentioned how fair/honest discussions seemed to be, i.e. it was not wishy washy all one way, there was a good balance. I think this is really important as someone who is slightly more hesitant becomes more open to the idea when knowledge is presented well, openly and honestly.”



Positive Births

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