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Helen Bartrom has been teaching hypnobirthing since 2007, is founder of Positive Births and author of the book “Positive Birth in NZ using relaxation, hypnobirthing and mindfulness”. Having taught over one thousand parents she is one of the most experienced instructors in New Zealand. She is also a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience (and passion!) to each and every class.

Trained by the HypnoBirthing® Institute in 2007 she is the mother of three and has been fortunate enough to experience Hypnobirthing twice with her two youngest children.

“My first Hypnobirthing experience was giving birth to my son Jack in 2005 who was a large 9 pound 11 oz (4.4kg). Then, in August 2009 I enjoyed the wonderful and exhilarating water birth of my daughter Milly.” 

Natural Pregnancy

Natural Childbirth Techniques

“I’m convinced that the Hypnobirthing natural childbirth techniques I learnt and enjoyed during my pregnancy enabled me to give birth easily and naturally without the use of any drugs.”

My midwife, Brigid Beehan says: “As a midwife this was an amazing experience to see a woman totally removed from pain throughout the end stages of labour. There was no difference in her face during strong contractions – she was so calm that it looked like she’d had an epidural.”

Nothing beats having had first hand experience of the program you are teaching, and I’m able to share my own experiences of Hypnobirthing with you as well as drawing on the experiences of the many parents I’ve taught plus my extensive knowledge of the mind – body connection.”

When experiencing the Hypnobirthing classes with Helen you are also able to tap into the extra resources and knowledge she shares from her clinical hypnotherapy practise. She is also able to offer personalised sessions to deal with any other issues that you might like to seek assistance with.

HypnoBirthing Techniques

Helen became a certified Hypnobirthing practitioner with the internationally acclaimed HypnoBirthing Institute in 2007. Since then she has shared the program with over a thousand couples throughout Auckland and NZ. As well as loving her job, she feels privileged to help to create a positive difference to such an important life event.

Along with teaching the Hypnobirthing program, Helen is a clinical hypnotherapist who is continually expanding her knowledge and education in Mind-Body and metaphysical medicine and experience with energy healing. You can seek more information about her hypnotherapy practice at www.helenbartrom.co.nz.


“Helen, you were amazing. Such a breath of fresh air, so passionate about what you teach, and so patient with us all and our questions. You never made anyone feel like their questions were silly, and you made everyone feel safe and comfortable in the learning environment. Your knowledge and way of teaching is just awesome, and I think your positivity really helps instill that confidence in the women that we totally can do this! We will be recommending you and your course to everyone, as I honestly think no matter what the circumstance, there is something for everyone in it, and your work is going to lead to many more beautiful birth experiences for families.
We are so looking forward to ours now!”

Bex and  Mike

“Birth is the most incredible, positive experience
and I am forever an advocate of hypnobirthing! Thank you Helen for your unwavering support and encouragement throughout the journey. You are an amazing hypnobirthing coach and we are so blessed to have crossed paths with you and thank you for giving us this gift or a memory that we look upon with absolute awe.”

Kate and Dan

Thankyou Helen for being so passionate about HypnoBirthing and for being such a great teacher. I am so glad this course was recommended to me. My fiance found the classes to be a great way to unwind and he has learnt a great deal – he has also seen the huge difference it has made to me mentally.
We both now have a more positive outlook on pregnancy, birth and life!”

Lucy and Matt

“We were impressed with Helen’s caring nature and the depth of knowledge she possessed. The fact she is a mother & has experience in both clinical and natural birth helped us relate and understand birthing as first time parents. Helen offered specific assistance when doubts reared their ugly head. 
We would recommend Hypnobirthing to anyone planning to have a family.”

Lisa and Neil

“We enjoyed the balance of discussion.  With my husband being more apprehensive than I towards this approach, he  mentioned how fair/honest discussions seemed to be, i.e. it was not wishy washy all one way, there was a good balance. I think this is really important as someone who is slightly more hesitant becomes more open to the idea when knowledge is presented well, openly and honestly.”


“Just wanted to personally say how grateful we are for all that you have taught us over the last few weeks. We are both now super excited for labour and welcoming our little boy to the world. Will definitely be recommending you to friends and family. “

Deana and Caleb

Positive Births

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