Miscarriage Healing

Miscarriage Healing

Like any major life event, everyone handles, responds and deals with miscarriage differently.

Grief is something that we all process in our own way, in our own time.

If you are looking for healing work after a miscarriage I am here to literally hold space for you and hear you. I can then provide you with a range of options to work with and through.

Using a range of hypnotherapy, relaxation, mindfulness, EFT and anchoring techniques I can provide you with the relevant tools to help you move forward, in what ever direction that may be.

For more information let’s have a chat in person – please get in touch with me via email and we will arrange a face-to face 20 minute free consultation either in person or on Zoom.

I work with women and couples all over the country via Zoom which is a very effective medium to do this work.


Your Free Relaxation Track

Here is access to your free Relaxation Track to help you start the healing process.

Please do not listen to this while driving or operating any machinery.



“Thanks again for all your support you have given us. The work we did together was powerful and very helpful”


“Thanks so much and can’t thank you again for empowering us both to still achieve a positive outcome.”


“I felt my birth debrief session with Helen to be really valuable. It was really helpful to be given some practical tools and additional techniques to reflect and move forward. Would highly recommend.”



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