The Menopause Relief



The Program

Suffering from an inferno of hot flushes?

Feel like you’re about to erupt?

Sick and tired of dealing with rivers of sweat?

The Menopause Relief Program could help you to reduce the intensity and frequency of your hot flushes putting you back in control.

There is NO medication involved.

ONLY Relaxation.

The program includes 4 one hour hypnotherapy sessions, recordings of scripts, supporting information and assistance.  Clinics are held in Birkenhead, Warkworth or via Skype.

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Benefits for You


  • The ability to turn down the heat and possibly reduce the amount of hot flushes occurring. Stopping those rivers of sweat before they start or become a tidal wave washing over your body, leaving you drenched and drained of energy and dignity. 
  • Take back control, feel empowered. This benefit is huge and very powerful, as a lot of women feel lost and out of control, as if the menopause is being ‘done to them’ rather than a small part of their life at that time. 
  • 85% of the trial ladies* who experienced this program were able to reduce the amount of hot flushes and/or turn down the heat to a much better level. (*Helen Breward’s initial trial group in 2015).
  •  Learn practical methods of controlling your hot flushes that are easy to use and remember. 
  • Learning to relax is hugely beneficial for the mind, body and spirit. Being able to relax can help other aspects and areas of an individual’s life, such as anxiety, panic & stress, to feel calmer and more relaxed. The knock on effects spread out like ripples on a pond.
  •  No medication is involved. Some HRT medications are made directly from pregnant mare’s urine, not to mention the very questionable and ethical method of extraction and living conditions.
  •  Ladies who cannot take oestrogen based products or eat oestrogen rich foods, now have an alternative method of help, where previously few existed.





“During the time I have been seeing Helen I have noticed a reduction in the number and intensity of hot flushes. I have been having so many since coming off HRT eight years ago and had tried several treatments but nothing worked until I started hypnotherapy with Helen.”


“The most useful part of the course has been therelaxation and help in reducing hot flushes. The whole concept has really helped with my hot flushes and relaxing. It has also helped if I wake in the middle of the night feeling anxious. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course with Helen.”


“Thankyou very much for helping me find the “off switch” for the inner combustion oven that comes with menopause. After 5 appointments my daytime symptoms have markedly improved and my night symptoms have mostly disappeared. This is a stunning result and I am hugely happy about it.”


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Published Medical Research into hypnotherapy for Menopause symptoms


In October 2012, a research paper was published by Professor Gary Elkins, (Baylor University Mind-Body Medicine Research Laboratory U.S.A.) who ran a clinical trial to test the effect of clinical hypnosis upon hot flushes. The trial found that Clinical hypnosis can effectively reduce hot flashes and associated symptoms among postmenopausal women. Furthermore, a reduction in hot flushes between 70% – 80% was recorded, with lower intensity of those remaining. Elkins concluded that this treatment could provide a low cost alternative to managing hot flushes and potentially help millions of women.

Read the published medical study of Clinical Hypnosis in the Treatment of Post-Menopausal Hot Flashes: A Randomized Controlled Trial.  
The results reported subjective hot flash frequency from baseline to week 12 showed a mean reduction of 55.82 hot flashes for the clinical hypnosis intervention (74.16%), versus a 12.89 hot flash reduction (17.13%) for the control.

These results show there is a high chance you will experience less hot flushes by using hypnotherapy.


 “In an early pilot study, 16 female breast cancer survivors received 4 weekly 45-minute hypnosis sessions delivered by a trained hypnotherapist. During therapy, suggestions were given for coolness, comfort, and refreshment. Participants also received instruction in self-hypnosis and were encouraged to practice daily. Results indicated that hot flash frequency decreased by 59% over the course of the study.”  Read the full results.


About Helen

Helen Bartrom gained hypnotherapy qualifications through the internationally recognized HypnoBirthing Institute in 2007.  Since that time she has been working with and facilitating hypnotherapy programs, teaching over 1600 parents the world renowned and ever popular HypnoBirthing program.

She has a broad knowledge base of the mind-body connection and a keen interest in inspiring and assisting others to operate at their optimum level. 

Helen trained to facilitate the Menopause Relief Program with the founder of the course Helen Breward in 2018. She looks forward to empowering you to feel more calm and comfortable.


Hypnosis – a very natural state of relaxation

The state of hypnosis and self-hypnosis is a very natural, focused and relaxed state. Without realising it you will have often experienced this state. Have you ever driven from one place to another and upon arriving there not really remembered the drive? Have you ever been engrossed in a fire, a book or a movie? These are all states of self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state of body and a normal, natural healthy state of mind. You are aware and in control. It happens spontaneously during the day when you daydream and just before going to sleep. In hypnosis, positive suggestions are more easily accepted and acted upon. Hypnosis is not a magic wand, but a tool to help you achieve your goals with your mind working for you.

Hypnosis is a natural state that people go in and out of everyday.
It is as safe as daydreaming. You will not do anything against your will – you are in control. You only accept the suggestions that you want to. People in stage shows in hypnosis are aware of what they are doing and consent to it. If an emergency should arise, or if you should go to sleep, you would wake up from your own natural response.

Who can be hypnotised?

Virtually anyone can be hypnotised, some more easily than others.

A person goes into hypnosis because they choose to. No one can be hypnotised against his or her will. People who are strongly committed to reaching their goals achieve the best results. Like anything in life, the more you practice, the more easily you can slip into this wonderful relaxed state. A hypnotherapist is a guide who knows how to get there and how to use it most effectively.


What does it feel like?

A very relaxing, day-dreamy state!
You may experience feelings of comfort, well-being and mild drowsiness. Other feelings such as sinking, floating or heaviness depend on the person and depth of state. You are always conscious and aware – the concentration of your mind is greatly enhanced. Because you are so aware, you may not realise that you are in hypnosis. When you awaken, there are definite signs to confirm that you have been in a hypnotic state.

This practitioner has been trained by Helen Breward
the creator of the Menopause Relief Program

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