Hypnotherapy Audio Tracks

 Here are some general hypnotherapy tracks you might find beneficial

Please note all hypnotherapy tracks are designed for you to listen to in a place where you can close your eyes and relax. Do not listen while driving a vehicle. When purchasing any of these audio tracks you agree that that Positive Births/Helen shall not be held responsible or liable in any way, for any unforeseen outcome(s) from listening to these. You understand that there are no guarantees relating to the outcome(s) of this, or any subsequent hypnosis track.


Detox and Reset

About this exercise

Learn a fast, easy and effective method to release and detox from negative emotions. This 6 min track is designed to help you learn the process so that you can do this anywhere, anytime – quickly.


Garden of Colours 

About this exercise

Designed to help fill you up with what you need more of in your life right now. This is a guided imagery exercise to help you feel good in many ways. $7

Regress to Success

About this exercise

A 30 minute track to help you find within yourself what it is you need to propel yourself forward. Relevant for any type of goal you are looking to achieve, or obstacle you want to overcome. E.g do you need motivation, confidence, strength? This will help your subconscious bring it up for you, and for you to be able to access this time and time again, whenever needed.


The Healing Waterfall 

About this exercise

A guided imagery exercise to enjoy as  way of healing and releasing from stress, anxiety, frustration, anger or any negative emotion. Duration 17 minutes. $7

Mindfulness exercise

About this exercise

Called ‘Practising Kindness on yourself’ this is a 5 minute exercise to help you feel grounded and calm. Free.

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