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How to prepare for a Positive Birth

Next live webinar Monday 15 April  2024 at 7pm

What will your birth story be like?

Are you terrified, anxious or even just a bit nervous about giving birth?

Have you heard too many horror stories?

Do you worry that you’re not going to know what to do to cope?

Do you want to feel in control?

Are you having thoughts like : “how am I actually going to get baby out”??

“Hypnobirthing helped me to have the birth I’d dreamed of. The whole process was beneficial for my pregnancy and the birth itself was amazing. I definitely recommend Hypnobirthing and Helen to every pregnant woman. I am so happy about my birth and love thinking back on it.” 


“The information made sense.  If I hadn’t done this course I wouldn’t have found the techniques anywhere else, and I wouldn’t have known what to do. What I learned took away a lot of the unknown.”


Learn from New Zealand’s leading and most experienced Hypnobirthing  Practitioners about how you can prepare for a positive pregnancy & birth.

Helen has been sharing this knowledge since 2007 and has inspired thousands of couples throughout the country to have a more positive birth experience.

Want to hear some of the many many positive birth stories that her clients have experience –  listen to the Positive Births NZ podcast on Spotify

In this informative webinar we will cover:

How your thoughts and beliefs impact your birth experience

Why do we fear birth so much?

Knowing all your options

Why becoming educated is so important

How the mind and body work together for a better experience


What is a positive birth and how can breathing and relaxation techniques prepare you

How hypnobirthing works for you

Breathwork and guided meditation exercise

Next Live Webinar Monday 15 April 2024

My birth was the BEST day of my life!

I used the positive affirmations all round the house. Leading up to my birth I listened to your tracks most nights. I used the visualisations and the breathing was amazing. Soft calm music and essential oils also played a big part.”


Without hypnobirthing my birth would have looked a lot different. I 100% recommend it. It’s the best investment no matter what your birth plan looks like.


Got some questions? Or would you like to chat to Helen?


“Helen’s genuine and warm aura underpins everything she teaches which makes the whole experience easy and enjoyable to connect with – it feels safe and comfortable, which can be hard to achieve when the topic could be viewed as quite a ‘scary’ one.”


This course is the best way to prepare mind, body and soul for the arrival, birth and upbringing of a child. We enjoyed this well planned and executed course; the welcoming, sharing atmosphere facilitated by Helen and the feeling of a safe non-judgemental environment.
The knowledge we gained was relevant and applicable, these techniques are useful for life!” 

Kyra and Ben

“The birth itself was amazing, it was exciting and enjoyable. You can feel any discomfort float away with your breath and visualisation.
I definitely recommend HypnoBirthing and Helen to every pregnant woman. I am so happy about my birth and love thinking back on it.”


Positive Births

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