Course Information

Your Hypnobirthing Classes

Courses are held over a period of 12.5 hours regularly in St Lukes, Auckland and in Albany, North Shore.

Occasionally courses are scheduled in Silverdale and, via demand in Warkworth and Whangarei

Online Classes are scheduled by demand, and are open to couples all over  New Zealand and the world.


Each course includes: 

  • the latest edition of Marie Mongan’s HypnoBirthing® book
  • 14 relaxation audios + Free Positive Birth Preparation hypnosis script (exclusive to Positive Birth HypnoBirthing couples only) 
  • your own folder for scripts and handouts
  • refreshments, and light snacks
  • 12.5 hours of tuition 
  • ongoing additional support (if required) via phone, online via Zoom or email. 
  • Free access to additional recorded scripts for: placenta previa, breech baby, avoiding induction etc.

 Your investment is $425.00 per couple for group classes. Private Sessions are available upon request.

Zoom Sessions are available if you are not located nearby or cannot make classes.

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Hypnosis Birth


We enjoyed Helen’s great knowledge of the topics, and her ability to lead the classes, manage the time effectively and interact with the group in such a welcoming and friendly manner. All the resources and materials were so helpful along with Helen’s ongoing support which was amazing”

Katerina and Roy

“What the HypnoBirthing course gave me as a first time dad to be was; a greater understanding of the babies growth and birthing process, it gave both myself and my wife the tools to set up our birth to be what we wanted it to be and it gave me personal a sense of empowerment.

As a first time dad you can feel pretty left out of the whole birth process, especially when you have little or no knowledge on the subject. But with the HypnoBirthing course you gain the tools and confidence to help the birth happen. As birthing companion for my wife I now have a role to play and I know how to do it. Thanks Helen for a great experience.”


What to expect from Helen’s classes

Helen’s classes are well organised, yet relaxed and friendly. Her teaching teaching style is described as “down to earth, practical and inspiring.” As a mother of young children herself, she finds it easy to relate to parents having their first, or subsequent children and looks forward to helping you on your journey into parenthood.

Preparation for Hypnobirthing

Participants will need to prepare by reading the provided materials, listening to the audio tracks and practicing the exercises. The more practice you do, the more it will pay off for you on your baby’s birthing day.


When should I start?

The best time to begin your classes is NOW!

If you are past 15 weeks into your pregnancy then it is never too early to start.

Likewise, it’s also never too late. And it’s certainly better late than never. If you are beyond 35 weeks, you will still find the course very valuable, as long as you complete it prior to going into labour. Talk to Helen about private sessions if you’re in the last few weeks of your pregnancy.


Group classes

Groups are kept small enough to ensure that individual needs are fully satisfied and that techniques are mastered so that you leave feeling confident in your ability to give birth using Hypnobirthing. Groups are large enough to meet like-minded parents who could also become life-long friends.

After your class sessions have completed Helen will provide ongoing assistance via email or phone if you should you have any further questions, queries or concerns.


Free Refresher Class*

If you start your Hypnobirthing course prior to 25 weeks into your pregnancy you will be welcome to attend a free refresher session* close to the end of your pregnancy. Please enquire for further details.

*The Free Refresher session is where you can join any one group class of your choice. Subject to space availability. Occasionally there are specially scheduled group refresher sessions. 


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