Birth Trauma

Releasing Trauma

Trauma is not necessarily caused by the events or experience – but HOW we processed the event or experience. Two different people can go through the same experience and come out of it with completely different feelings.

If you have suffered from a previous birth that was less than ideal, or an experience you feel was disappointing, confusing, scary, traumatic, horrific – or one that has created any other negative feeling –  I’m here for you.

I am here to literally hold space for you and hear you.

In private sessions we can debrief, unpack and work through the feelings you have – regardless of what they are. Using a variety of hypnotherapy, counselling and NLP techniques each session is tailor made and personalised just for you.

In our sessions we aim to help you release the stuck feelings and emotions, to reset your nervous system, help you process what you experienced and if relevant (if you are now pregnant again), help you to prepare for a calm and relaxed birth.

For more information let’s have a chat in person – please get in touch with me via email and we will arrange a face-to face 20 minute free consultation either in person or on zoom.




“Thanks again for all your support you have given us. I think I would be freaking out now if you didn’t prepare us .


“Thanks so much and can’t thank you again for empowering us both to still achieve a positive outcome.”


“I felt my birth debrief session with Helen to be really valuable. It was really helpful to be given some practical tools and additional techniques to reflect and move forward. Would highly recommend.”



Positive Births

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