Birth Affirmation Cards

Affirmation Cards

 Set of 15 Birth Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards are a powerful way to reinforce positive thoughts and feelings about your upcoming birth.

Any statement that is repeated will have an impact on your brain / mind / subconscious. When repeated with a positive feeling it will be even more effective.

Place these cards around your home  – some great locations for them are:  – on the fridge, above lightswitches, on mirrors, on the outside of your glass shower door. 

Every time you look at them they will remind you of all the things you want to be/ experience / feel for your birth.

These cards are inspired by nature and some photos taken by Helen from favourite locations in NZ.

Each card is 15 x 10cm

Cost: $23 includes postage to you anywhere in NZ.


The Book!

$45 includes the book + the set of affirmation cards

Introducing : Positive Birth in NZ using Relaxation, Hypnobirthing and Mindfulness. A comprehensive guide for all Kiwis preparing for a relaxed, empowered and positive birth experience.

Whatever kind of birth you are planning, enjoy a set of practical tools and techniques for an empowering experience. Hypnotherapist, experienced hypnobirthing instructor and mum of 3 Helen Bartrom shares with you the secrets to having a safe, calm and positive birth. Using a powerful combination of self-hypnosis, relaxation and mindfulness techniques Helen will ensure you feel genuinely excited, prepared and confident to birth your baby regardless of the set of circumstances you might need to navigate.

Discover how your mindset, preparation, environment, support crew, beliefs and expectations can influence your experience.

Be inspired with real stories from Kiwi couples who’ve used these tools and techniques in a variety of birthing situations. Understand how these skills are useful for pregnancy, for your baby, for your birth and throughout every-day life.

Complete with access to downloadHomeable audio tracks, you and your birth partner can prepare to:
– Work with your body and your baby throughout your labour and birth
– Learn how to be calm, feel in control and to understand the mind-body connection and to use it to your advantage
– Enjoy deep relaxation, visualisations and correct breathing for a more comfortable experience
– Ask the right questions to ensure you are fully supported and can make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy, during birth and beyond

Engaging, inspiring, down-to-earth and thought provoking. Based entirely on what works, the Positive Birth in NZ book is your essential guide to giving birth the way you want to.

Yes, giving birth can be a positive, empowering experience, after reading this book you’ll feel more relaxed, confident and excited about meeting your baby.

 Plus Included for you : 

  • 5 downloadable audio tracks 
  • 26 positive birth stories as told in their own words from Kiwi mums who’ve completed the course

 Your investment is $35.00 including postage in NZ.

To order – please click on the link below to buy the book now. 

Book Chapters include:

Your Incredible Uterus
Freedom from Fear
The Power of Words
Why Hypnobirthing and Relaxation
What is this Hypno stuff?
Tools and Techniques
Your Smart Little Baby
Your Lead Maternity Carer
Be Curious and Ask Questions
Being the Best Support Person
The Birthing Environment
The 5 week window – Your Due Date
Baby’s Birth Day
Hello Baby
Plan B – if everything turns to custard|
Your Birth Wish List



birth affirmation cards

Listen to chapter 16: Being the Best Birth Support Person

I am almost done reading your book and I am LOVING it! I cry happy tears during every birth story that I read and am so excited to meet my baby. I have already been listening to the positive birthing affirmations on a regular basis, and I am practicing my wave breath and melt


Kia Ora, I’m 27 weeks pregnant and was recommended your book by my midwife. Just wanted to say THANKYOU. It is such a wonderful book and has me feeling excited and prepared to bring my little man into the world.”


I read Positive Birth in preparation to study Hypnobirthing.  I have read several books on this subject and found Helen’s book to one of the very best. The style of writing is  “down to earth,” easy to understand, extremely informative and enjoyable.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in understanding the birth process more fully and/or creating a positive birthing experience.

Karen Griffen


After expressing my fear for birth to a friend she sent me Helen’s book. I laughed and cried reading the book and was blown away at how much it just all made sense. My perspective of birth has now 100% shifted and i’ have been practising the tools in the book and re-reading it for months. I am due this week and I’m so excited for the birth and to meet our little girl now! I highly recommend this read to anyone who is pregnant and scared for birth!



“I am really enjoying the book, I love the way you’ve written it, in such a fun way!


We enjoyed Helen’s great knowledge of the topics, and her ability to lead the classes, manage the time effectively and interact with the group in such a welcoming and friendly manner. All the resources and materials were so helpful along with Helen’s ongoing support which was amazing”

Katerina and Roy

“What the Hypnobirthing course gave me as a first time dad to be was; a greater understanding of the babies growth and birthing process, it gave both myself and my wife the tools to set up our birth to be what we wanted it to be and it gave me personal a sense of empowerment.

As a first time dad you can feel pretty left out of the whole birth process, especially when you have little or no knowledge on the subject. But with the HypnoBirthing course you gain the tools and confidence to help the birth happen. As birthing companion for my wife I now have a role to play and I know how to do it. Thanks Helen for a great experience.”


What to expect from Helen’s classes

Helen’s classes are well organised, yet relaxed and friendly. Her teaching teaching style is described as “down to earth, practical and inspiring.” As a mother of three children herself, she finds it easy to relate to parents having their first, or subsequent children and looks forward to helping you on your journey into parenthood.

Preparation for Hypnobirthing

Participants will need to prepare by reading the provided materials, listening to the audio tracks and practicing the exercises. The more practice you do, the more it will pay off for you on your baby’s birthing day.


When should I start?

The best time to begin your classes is NOW!

If you are past 15 weeks into your pregnancy then it is never too early to start.

Likewise, it’s also never too late. And it’s certainly better late than never. If you are beyond 35 weeks, you will still find the course very valuable, as long as you complete it prior to going into labour. Talk to Helen about private sessions if you’re in the last few weeks of your pregnancy.


Group classes

Groups are kept small enough to ensure that individual needs are fully satisfied and that techniques are mastered so that you leave feeling confident in your ability to give birth using Hypnobirthing. Groups are large enough to meet like-minded parents who could also become life-long friends.

After your class sessions have completed Helen will provide ongoing assistance via email or phone if you should you have any further questions, queries or concerns.



Positive Births

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