Tropical Babymoon –

The Ultimate Relaxation Course

Your Relaxing BabyMoon in Rarotonga

July 2019

Suitable for all couples with due dates  from  Aug – Dec 2019

This winter imagine escaping life to enjoy a very special babymoon. A wonderful opportunity to spend special time together as a couple, on holiday, soaking up the sunshine. While you are there you can learn special relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis,  tools and techniques for your upcoming positive birth and parenting experience. 

It’s the ultimate relaxation package!

Helen is running a special course for you in the last week of July 2019 in Rarotonga.


Positive preparation for birth and parenting


A taste of what you’ll learn:

Breathing and Deepening:  Master breathing techniques to assist your progress during birth, how to work with your body and how to allow yourself to go deeper and more comfortably into the process.

Rapid Relaxation: Learn tools to rapidly relax during labour and birth and for life afterwards with a baby.

Connection to Babylearn to tune in to baby and trust in your own natural instincts.

Connect with your partner:  Spend quality time together to learn how to support and be supported in pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

Birth companions/partners: Learn techniques to  support your partner and make a critical difference in her experience.

Positive Emotional Resources: Quick self-hypnosis techniques allow mothers to tap into positive emotions even on difficult days.

Hypnotic Time Distortion for Sleep: Whether you have five minutes or five hours to catch some rest, hypnosis helps your mind and body make the most of the sleep you have.

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This is your holiday…..

  • Your Holiday: This babymoon is Your Holiday, and likely to be a fairly precious one, before life changes to include an extra family member. Therefore you have the freedom to choose your own flights, so that you can holiday for as long as you like. You are free to choose your own accommodation to your liking and budget. Where ever you stay wont be far away from our venue – nothing is far away in Rarotonga – you can get around the whole island in less than an hour! 
  • Your Leisure Time: I know that you want to use your time away together, on holiday, relishing each special day. So the course is nicely spread out to run over 5 days, a few hours in a morning one day, a couple of hours in an evening the next, a free day in between etc etc, hope you get the drift.  No early mornings, no rushing, no stress. Plus, this course will not suck up all your free time – it will simply add a lovely relaxing element to your holiday. 

  • Limited Space:  Space is limited to four couples which ensures you will receive maximum attention to make sure you’re getting all the information you need to help you enjoy learning and experiencing your relaxation exercises.
  • Ongoing support: Once back at home (and the real world again) Helen is available to support you up until your baby is born.

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