Ewa’s second birth to Kaspar helped her to heal from her traumatic birth of her first baby.

“It was a sunny Saturday, six days past my due date and I was more than ready to meet our baby. I went for a long walk in the morning to help kick off the labour naturally.

I had been to the hospital a few days earlier to check everything was alright as I wasn’t sure the baby was moving as much as before. The talk of induction started immediately with no medical reason apart from my age. I am 38 and this is was my second pregnancy. I politely declined.

That Saturday afternoon we went to the beach with our soon to be six year old daughter and her two good friends. The girls were wearing unicorn towels and at some stage they all put the golden horns on my belly and whispered some magic spells – in attempt to invite the baby to come out. We couldn’t help but laugh.

Our daughter went to a sleepover that night and we were all saying how convenient it would be for everyone if the baby came tonight. When my husband and I finished watching Netflix at 10:30pm, I got up from the chair, said to the belly: ‘It’s time to come out Kasper’ and at that exact point my water broke. Funnily enough Paul turned around and started frantically wash the dishes while I called our midwife.

Our first labour started the same way, except that almost six years ago the first contractions took almost eight hours to start. We were in no hurry. However, this time the surges started already within five minutes and were quite close apart. We put some music on, started to use our hypnobirthing relaxation techniques, light touch massage and I was breathing through contractions. It was all going very well, in fact we were so relaxed that I didn’t even realise how fast it was all progressing. Suddenly I just knew we needed to get going. IMMEDIATELY.

The drive to the hospital at around 12:40am was pretty frantic. How fortunate that we live just 10 mins away! On arrival at the North Shore Hospital I got into a wheelchair, as I wasn’t able to walk anymore. Reaching the Birthing Suite I was already at the pushing stage. Due to a pre-existing condition the midwife needed to put a Venflon into my arm; this was the only moment which was truly unpleasant as I had to stay still against my instincts. Luckily it didn’t last very long as Kasper was born with four pushes at 1:24am, just 30 minutes after we had arrived to the hospital! We couldn’t believe we were holding a baby three hours after my water broke! Add another five hours, and we were already on our way to Warkworth for a blissful postnatal stay.

I felt very good after delivery, incomparably to my first birth giving in the US. The Hypnobirthing course made a huge difference for us. We definitely were equipped with tools and knowledge of what to do and approached the birth from a much more aware place. I truly feel ‘healed’ from my first traumatic birth experience. We both are very thankful for your support Helen and so happy we brought our son to the world in this positive way.”

Many thanks for everything again Helen.