Breech Baby – can you turn a baby with hypnosis?

Breech Baby 

 If your baby is in the breech position in the later stage of your pregnancy you’ll likely be keen to give them every opportunity to turn into the vertex (head down) position. There are a few things you can do to help encourage baby and they can include the following:

accupunture – using moxa sticks

an ECV (see more information below)


So…..Is there any proof that hypnotherapy can work??

The concept of turning breech babies with hypnosis is supported in a study presented in May, 1992 by Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona formerly of the Psychiatric Department, University of Vermont Medical School. The study included 100 women who were referred from practicing obstetricians and an additional 100 who responded to an advertisement. Only women carrying their babies in breech position at 36 weeks gestation or more were included. (source:

Dr. Mehl-Madrona used hypnotherapy with the 100 women in the study group. The comparison group of 100 women had no hypnotherapy, though some did have ECV (external cephalic version), a procedure whereby the baby’s head is manually manipulated from outside the abdomen to bring about the downward turn.

In the study group the mothers, while in hypnosis, were led through guided imagery to bring about deep relaxation. Suggestions were then given that they visualize their babies easily turning and see the turn accomplished, with the baby in proper vertex position for birthing. The mothers were helped to visualize the uterus becoming pliable and relaxed in order to allow the baby sufficient room to make the move. The mother was asked to talk to her baby, and the therapist encouraged the baby to release itself from the position it had settled into and to turn downward for an easy birth.

The study ended with 81 of the 100 breech babies having turned spontaneously from breech to vertex presentation. In the comparison group of 100 women who did not participate in hypnotherapy, only 26 babies turned spontaneously. An additional twenty turned with ECV. It is not uncommon for the baby who is turned through ECV to turn back into breech position. It was originally thought that each mother would require approximately ten hours of hypnotherapy in order to accomplish the desired result. As the study unfolded, the average number of hours with each woman was only four, and half of the successful 81 turns required only one session.

If you would like to explore the option of a hypnotherapy session, please get in touch with me. I’ve helped many mothers with this option, and while I can never prove that it was the hypnosis that worked, there are many ‘conincidences’ of baby turning a short time after our session.

What happens if hypnosis doesn’t work?

You can read Lova’s story below:  

    Hypnosis Birth

    What if baby doesn’t turn with hypnosis?

    If your baby does not turn spontaneously you will possibly be offered the option of an ECV (External Cephalic Version).

    What is an ECV and what does it feel like?

    An ECV (External Cephalic Version) is a procedure to turn a breech baby.

    Here is Lova’s story of her positive experience to turn her breech baby.

    “I was 36+5 and baby was in a breech position, an ECV was recommended to me by my midwife. I had used acupuncture (which definitely increased baby’s movements but she didn’t turn), I had done mediation/ hypnosis, used spinningbabies techniques – everything.

    I kept wondering WHY was she still in this position? I was very nervous about the procedure, it sounded very invasive. It was a big decision for us – but we decided we would rather do this, and give it a go to give her the chance to turn.

    Even when we arrived at the hospital I wanted to leave, I was so nervous. I used my relax breathing – it’s my go to – to help calm myself.

    When we arrived we were taken into a room where a nurse/midwife monitored baby and listened to her heart beat for 15 mins.

    Then we met the obstetrician who was so amazing, so calm. He explained everything, offered us the chance to ask questions. I was particularly worried about it being painful so I asked ‘how unbearable should it be’? I did not want to traumatise baby. He replied that I would know if I needed him to stop and I could say ‘stop’ at anytime.
    He had a little feel around of baby and then within 20 seconds she turned!!! I couldn’t believe how easy it was. He did not force her, it felt like she probably wanted to turn but he just needed to show her the way.

    I felt so happy, so relieved, it really was a positive experience.”


    “We both loved our HypnoBirthing course and have really missed it since it’s ended. We found the course gave us a toolkit to not only prepare for the birth but to also cope with the general stress of big life changes. The strategies we developed during HypnoBirthing will continue to be applied even after the birth of our child. It really is a toolkit for life!”

    Sarah and Gareth


    … for the partners — do not underestimate your value, I know I could not have done it without Warren and our bond has been strengthened by such a powerful and emotional shared experience. He is my rock and already the best father imaginable.”


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