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Welcome to Positive Births

Hypnobirthing, Relaxation and Mindfulness for a more calm, confident and positive birth experience.

In person and online classes.

Group classes and one-one sessions in Auckland and online for all over New Zealand.

This hypnobirthing program is a specialsed antenatal childbirth education course especially designed for Kiwi (NZ) parents-to-be. You’ll learn deep relaxation, visualisations, affirmations, mindfulness and special breathing techniques to achieve a confident, calm,  positive birthing experience for both you and your baby.

The Positive Births Hypnobirthing  program is a practical course that focuses on preparing parents for a more positive birth regardless of the set of circumstances they face on their journey.

Therefore whether it be a totally natural birth or a birth with intervention the skills will be useful and relevant.

How we give birth does matter. Not just for the day itself, but for the journey ahead. Having a positive and empowering start to your journey can have a lifelong impact on both mother and baby. 


Why do a course with Helen?

When you choose to do a course with Helen you’re choosing one of the most trusted and expert Hypnobirthing facilitators in NZ. With over 16 years of experience, Helen is a hypnotherapist, has taught thousands and now teaches others to teach this program.

What is a Positive Birth ?

Having a positive birth experience does not necessarily mean it was exactly as you imagined, or planned.
It may involve twists, turns and a few challenges along the way.

Do you want a birth experience:
*  Where you have the skills to work with it and through it?
*  Where you feel calm and confident?
*  A birth free of fear?
*  A birth where you feel safe and supported?
*  A birth where you and your partner feel empowered to make the right choices for you and baby.?
*  Where you know what questions to ask?
*  A birth that you can look back on and know that you did the best that you knew how to at the time?

If you have answered YES to one or more of these, then you’re in the right place.

Want to know more and read the Positive Birth in NZ book before deciding if a course is right for you? You can find more about ordering the book here.

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“Helen’s genuine and warm aura underpins everything she teaches which makes the whole experience easy and enjoyable to connect with – it feels safe and comfortable, which can be hard to achieve when the topic could be viewed as quite a ‘scary’ one.”


This course is the best way to prepare mind, body and soul for the arrival, birth and upbringing of a child. We enjoyed this well planned and executed course; the welcoming, sharing atmosphere facilitated by Helen and the feeling of a safe non-judgemental environment.
The knowledge we gained was relevant and applicable, these techniques are useful for life!” 

Kyra and Ben

“The birth itself was amazing, it was exciting and enjoyable. You can feel any discomfort float away with your breath and visualisation.
I definitely recommend HypnoBirthing and Helen to every pregnant woman. I am so happy about my birth and love thinking back on it.”


Why Book Your Hypnobirthing classes with Positive Births?

  • Experience, experience, experience: – Helen has over 16 years of experience with Hypnobirthing, teaching more than 1,000 couples
  • Benefit from hearing from parents who’ve birthed using Positive Births Hypnobirthing techniques in Auckland homes, hospitals and birthing centres.
  • Learn down-to-earth, realistic and practical techniques that you will find useful in many day to day situations as well as for pregnancy, birth and life with baby.
  • Be inspired with positive information presented in an entertaining and relaxed, but well-organised manner.
  • Book today and immediately receive a FREE Positive Birth Preparation relaxation and hypnosis exercise to get started now.
  • Join a community of like-minded parents to gain and share ideas, information and inspiration.

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