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HypnoBirthing on the rise in NZ

Featuring Kate who completed the HypnoBirthing course with Helen in 2017, her birth of Mia, and Helen

Focus: HypnoBirthing on the rise in NZ

The practice of HypnoBirthing is rising in popularity in New Zealand. #NZHFocus Content warning: Contains birth scenes.

Posted by nzherald.co.nz on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Anya’s Birth

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My story begins with my waters releasing at 0230hrs, I felt so excited as I knew soon I would get to meet our baby. I got back into bed and put my rainbow relaxation and birth affirmations on repeat and went to sleep. Within about 40 minutes my surges began coming and going, I felt calm and let my body continue with its journey. By morning I got up with my family had some breakfast and decided to continue my day as normal to allow myself to keep relaxed and calm. I called and updated my midwife of my progress and she informed me to call her when I felt I needed her.

We planned for a homebirth, everything was in its place and ready for our baby. As the day continued my body decided it was far too sunny to continue with surges so they decided to stop. I went for my afternoon nap and continued with the rainbow relaxation and my surges commenced again. By 6pm they were becoming regular, I did my surge breathing and my 5,4,3,2,1 as needed. By 9pm I knew my body was progressing, I continued breathing through and being at complete rest in between surges.
I had an amazing support team which included my mum, husband, midwife and two cat doulas Indie and Mila. Indie never left my side she sat on the side of the breakfast bar as I breathed with my surges while Mila helped with some light touch or light “lick” massage on my legs.
Nick my husband was an amazing support he did light touch massage and constantly reminded me to breathe and keep relaxed. He remained so calm and supported me the whole way through. While my mum was on heat pack duties, and pressure point massage.

I called my midwife at 130am to come to my house, when she arrived she checked to see my progress and I was already 7cm!!
I was ecstatic and felt so empowered. I continued with a combination of rainbow relaxation, affirmations and a soft music playlist. I listened to these tracks so many times im sure its well engrained in my subconscious and feel I could resite them word for word.
I stayed at 7cm at next check and my surges has slowed down to 2:10 so my midwife put clary sage oil on my belly to increase them. My surges became more frequent and strong instantly it was incredible how my body responded. Some hours later I was still 7cm and found that my baby’s head was not well flexed. I felt teary and worried that she would not get into the correct position, I refocused with my birth affirmations and support from my midwife and family.
With a combination of left side lying and standing with one leg up on my birth ball lots of crying and determination she rotated into the correct position. At 730am my midwife checked my progress and I had reached 2nd stage. By 822am I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Sienna. 

It is such an empowering experience that I will never forget. I am so grateful we attended Helens hypnobirthing classes as it has not only given me skills for birthing but for life. I am also a registered midwife, it has given me invaluable knowledge to work in partnership to empower women to use the incredible power which is our mind.

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Natural Pregnancy

Meghan Markle’s HypnoBirthing Plan



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As Meghan Markle nears her due date, tabloids and sources have been stirring about what her Royal birthing plan will entail. In an interview with Vanity Fair, sources close to Markle and Prince Harry said that the Duchess of Sussex is planning for a “natural birth,” which we can assume means a vaginal delivery sans pain medication — a.k.a an epidural.

“Her mother is very into anything that is holistic and natural, and having been brought up with yoga and mindfulness, it’s all very much part of Meghan’s birth plan,” the source told Vanity Fair. In preparation for delivery, Markle has allegedly hired a doula, started acupuncture sessions to “boost blood flow to the uterus,” and learned hypnobirthing.

If you’ve never heard of hypnobirthing before, it might sound completely woo-woo, but it’s actually a common technique that’s popular with people giving birth, with and without drugs. Hypnobirthing entails self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques that you can implement to feel better during labor, Marie Mongan, a hypnotherapist and creator of the Mongan Method HypnoBirthing told Refinery29. At its core, hypnobirthing is based on “the belief that every woman has within her the power to call upon her natural maternal instinct to birth her babies in joy and comfort in a manner that most mirrors nature,” Mongan wrote in her book. 

The point of hypnobirthing is to essentially learn how to reframe pain as something positive, so that you’re prepared for the sensations of childbirth, and ready to cope with the pain, Mongan told Refinery29. This involves a combination of deep breathing techniques, visualization, and meditation prompts. As you can imagine, this takes practice; if you want to try hypno-birthing techniques, you have to take classes to train your mind to go quickly into a deep relaxation state.
Deep relaxation and hypnosis might give you Get Out vibes, but it’s important to note that hynpobirthing doesn’t hypnotize you to a comatose state, Mongan said. You’d remain totally awake during hypnobirthing, it’s extremely relaxed.
Some people argue that, compared to other forms of childbirth education, hypnobirthing doesn’t include enough discussion about some of the dangers that can occur during childbirth. That said, lots of people learn hypnobirthing techniques as one part of a birth plan that includes other support, such as doulas or certified nurse midwives.
So if you’re expecting — whether you’re birthing a Royal or not — hynobirthing might be worth looking into if you’re hoping to have an unmedicated birth.

6 Feb 2019 https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2019/02/223525/meghan-markle-baby-birth-plan-doula-hypnobirthing

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