For Birth Partners

The name sounds strange….

Yes – despite how ‘alternative’ the name might sound to you right now, HypnoBirthing is actually based in a lot of science.

Helen will also present the program to you in a very down-to-earth manner, that most birthing partners male or female, will positively respond to.

If I had a dollar for everytime a father-to-be came up to me and said “ wow this course was so much more valuable than I thought it would be”, I’d be rich!


Hypnosis Birth


“We both loved our HypnoBirthing course and have really missed it since it’s ended. We found the course gave us a toolkit to not only prepare for the birth but to also cope with the general stress of big life changes. The strategies we developed during HypnoBirthing will continue to be applied even after the birth of our child. It really is a toolkit for life!”

Sarah and Gareth

Preparing mind and body for success

The techniques we teach are proven strategies and tools of breathing, relaxation and visualisation. They all work perfectly to support the physiology of Mother’s birthing body.

We are preparing the mind and body for success in the same way that sports professionals would prepare for their big event.

While many Dads-to-be might be literally “dragged” along for their first session, they are usually the biggest advocates afterwards, and often provide many referalls to the course.


What do I need to do?

The best thing a birthing mother needs is for her partner to be a calm, supportive assistant. By learning specialised skills, simple breathing, and specific techniques you’re going to become an integral asset to the birthing team. This feels so much better than sitting on the sidelines, hoping for the best. Your partner will be very grateful too.



Can I use this stuff for myself?

Never forget that the skills learnt in the course can be applied to many areas in life – so it might be that you find yourself using your “hypnobirthing skills” in the office, work place, sports field, or in times of conflict. And of course, there will be plenty of time with a newborn, toddler, child (and one day a teenager) to use these skills to cope with the challenges of parenting.

 If you’re still sceptical, that is fine. It’s normal. Helen suggests you to come along with an open mind and you might be very pleasantly surprised.

Why is Relaxation Important?

The body and mind work at their optimum when relaxed and free of tension.
When having your baby using
HypnoBirthing® techniques, what you will experience is similar to the daydreaming or focusing that occurs when you are engrossed in a book or starting at a fire. You will be conversant and in good spirits – totally relaxed, but fully in control. You will be aware of your body’s contractions, but will be able to determine the extent to which you feel the surge. You will experience your birthing in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, without the fear and tension that cause pain. Your body’s natural anaesthesia (endorphins) will replace the stress hormones that cause pain.
When it is time for your baby to be born, you will be fully awake and involved.


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